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owenmyers 11-15-11 12:57 PM

90's Giant RS930: What would you pay?
I have built up this Giant RS930 frameset with some decent parts and have rode it for too long. It's time to sell it but i have no clue what someone would be willing to pay for this. $200 maybe? i live in an area where there is a high demand for bikes, whats your opinion?

Frame - 55cm Giant RS930 4130 Giant cro-mo main tubes
Cranks - Shimano RSX 3-speed
Front derailleur - Shimano RSX
Rear derailleur - Shimano Exage
Seatpost - SR Laprade
Rims - Araya 27x1 1/4
Hubs - Sunshine Gyromaster
Tires - Specialized touring
Shifters - Shimano Dura-ace downtube
Headset - Dura-ace cups only
Calipers - Universal center pull
Levers - Weinmann drilled out
Pedals - Shimano 600

4Rings6Stars 11-15-11 01:03 PM

Should have no problem getting 200. Condition looks good, I would try for 250 if I was you.

wrk101 11-15-11 03:44 PM

Odd mix with old center pulls, 27 inch wheels, etc.. I had one that I sold earlier this year, with aero brake levers and 700c wheels. Sold it for $200. Mine was one model up, a RS940. Of course, this is Hooterville, not Huntington Beach. Mine was a large size, which is harder to sell.

No chain, no cables, old tires, not rideable. Here, as is, $100. Its a project. $100 would be tough here. OK, main picture does show a chain, but no cables. Buyers here want bikes ready to ride. Those buying projects (like me) look for hefty discounts.

The RS940 had a better frame, triple butted, full cromoly bike. The one I sold was fully rehabbed, bearings, grease, cables, indexed RX100 components, new chain and cassette, fresh bar tape, etc.

Guy that bought it from me apparently thought he got the deal of the century, as I saw it relisted two weeks later for $500. Then relisted for $450, then lower, then lower. Saw it two weeks ago for $225. He has missed the bike season here, so it still may not go.

owenmyers 11-16-11 02:34 PM

Thanks, The bike is fully cabled up now and ready to ride once again. At first i was going to make this my cyclocross build but i didn't know if the frame was strong enough. So now it's just a commuter built up with leftover components. What kind of frame makes a good cyclocross bike?

FastJake 11-16-11 05:20 PM

With the hi-ten stays (and fork?) and the mismatch of components I'd say $150 max. Maybe more in your market if you're really lucky.

Originally Posted by owenmyers (Post 13500721)
What kind of frame makes a good cyclocross bike?

I'd use that frame for cross. Basically any frame you don't care about will work. If you're worried about breaking it what you have is probably ideal because it's heavier than a fancy butted frame.

Cantilever bosses are ideal but were originally only found on touring bikes, which might not have the right geometry for racing. I'm not sure, I've never tried.

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