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andygood_82 11-21-11 10:07 PM

need to identify a Puch bicycle
I have a bicycle, it's a Puch, it has a 100 year anniversary emblem and the word "Vitessa" on the upper frame tube. It's a small bike and resembles those fold-up jobs that were so popular in the 90's. I assume it's an '89, since Puch was founded in 1889. Any info about this bike, including it's worth, would be greatly appreciated. If you can offer any info, please email me at as I don't use this forum very often, thanks.

T-Mar 11-22-11 06:02 AM

The three biggest factors in value are mechanical condition, cosmetic condition and local market conditions. We know none of those. Post some good pics and tell us where you live and someone will offer a value.

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