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Puget Pounder 12-12-11 01:44 AM

Price for a used Sante group?
I have a used sante group that includes all of the usuals as well as headset, BB set, and chain. The hubs are laced to Wolber Alpine rims. How much would this be worth? Components have scuffs here and there.

How much is this group worth?

I assume ebay will give me the most profit?

If I unlace the wheels and sell the hubs with everything else, this will lower shipping costs for me. Would it hurt the value of the group at all?


T-Mar 12-12-11 07:51 AM

This is really to say without good pics. With Sante cosmetic condition is the prime concern, as it's basically just dressed up Ultegra.

wrk101 12-12-11 08:02 AM

I don't think unlacing will affect value much at all. I track Sante pricing on ebay, sometimes sets go high, other times low (I've got a couple of groups to sell myself). The variance is huge. Without pics, no idea, but it seems like complete groups do better than individual components.

Look at history, a lot of the items don't get a single bid.

tmh657 12-12-11 08:29 AM

Sante is very desirable and ebay is a fickle beast. 3 years ago I picked up a '88 Schwinn Circuit with the Sante group. The group was a 9/10 condition. One would think the value was pretty high. At that point in time ebay decided it was worth $275 which was less than what I thought it might bring because at the time I saw a few completed listings at more than $300. YMMV.

Puget Pounder 12-13-11 10:59 AM

Thanks, I will post some pics this weekend.

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