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kc0yef 12-19-11 06:28 PM

TREK ELANCE 400t 45cm 700c frameset
I just got this 400t (triple)
531 Reynolds stock all original with Hatta Vesta headset...


I was thinking of just taking all the parts off and putting it on my 460 that fits me but it is such a nice bike not sure what these small frames are going for??


wrk101 12-19-11 07:08 PM

I would clean it up, put a saddle on it and resell it. Steel Treks are very desirable, and this one is extremely hard to find (18 inch frame size). ( The smallest size for most Trek road bikes was 19 inch). I had one a couple of years ago, the buyer drove four hours ONE way to get it.

In a strong market, ready to ride, could bring up to about $300 (this is for the complete bike). Selling framesets is somewhat problematical, particularly locally. Buyers tend to be looking for bikes, not framesets. So that leaves selling on fleecebay, with all the fees and issues there. Do not underestimate the importance of marketing (creating a great listing), a spotless sales record, and the ability to package and ship at a realistic price.

Yours shows some rim wear, overall, it looks really good.

As a donor bike, I would look elsewhere. The components used on that bike were pretty average, nothing special. Take the profits and buy better components.

This was mine.

FastJake 12-19-11 09:52 PM

+1 That is a very desirable frame.

People looking for small frames like this cannot find them as they were so rarely made back then. There's a craigslist posting by me of someone searching for a 46cm frame right now. These bikes just aren't available.

I would definitely try selling it complete before taking the components off.

kc0yef 12-20-11 11:59 AM

OK then up for sale it goes thanks

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