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recumbenttoad 12-20-11 11:16 PM

Super Mondia
Several years ago I gave a friend of mine a Schwinn Sierra. He road a motorcycle (like a maniac) and I was trying to get him off of it. I don't have anything against motorcycles except when he was on one. Anyway, he got into bikes in a big way and ended up gifting the bike I had given to him to another friend to get him to ride.

This guy had some of the coolest bikes, all but three of which he has since sold to thin the herd. He had a Malvern Five(?) Star, two Hetchins, one with curly stays and one without. One of those turned out to be a fake (he notified the guy in England he bought it from and was reimbursed part of the money) but it was still a beautiful bike. There were many others along the way. He kept a Mercian and a Litespeed with full Dura Ace and one other.

The one other is a Super Mondia. It is kind of close to celeste in color and I fell in love with this bike the minute I laid eyes on it. He built the bike with Campy components (not sure which) and some generic clincher wheels. He said he will keep it until I decide to buy it.

It's a 55cm frame which is a tad big for me but I could still make it work. At one time he said he wanted $500 for it. I never see these for sale, so, I was wondering if that is even in the ballpark. I know I didn't give much info on the components other than Campy, but it's been a while since I've seen it.

Ex Pres 12-21-11 09:14 AM

Condition is everything, and Campy components could range from Super Record down to Valentino, so we really don't have enough to go on here. And a generic wheelset? But it sounds like your friend is into the better stuff. So using that as an assumption, $500 could very well be in the ballpark for a nice example, particularly with a "correct" wheelset. But condition is everything.

recumbenttoad 12-21-11 11:20 AM

As I remember it, the condition of the frame is excellent. I'll have to call him and find out what components he used. He generally always looked for the upper end on components when he was building a bike, but I need to check.

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