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tlawrence530 01-28-12 10:55 PM

Advice on an Old Lugged Road Bike
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I don't know a ton about bikes but I'm a college student in the market for an older style road bike and I came across one on craigslist for $50. They claim it's a vintage magna but I thought magna was a newer company that made those cheap target bikes. Can anyone let me know whether it's worth it? Thanks. I attached two pictures.

TugaDude 01-29-12 12:07 AM

Depends upon what you are looking for. If transportation, buy a cheap new bike like the poster above said. You would have to probably lay out at least $50.00 to $75.00 to get that bike road worthy and that is if you can do the work yourself.

If you are drawn to vintage road bikes, then spend a bit more and get something decent. Some nice vintage bikes go for around $100.00 if you look around.

In my book there are vintage bikes, new bikes and old junk. Don't spend a lot of money on old junk.

randyjawa 01-29-12 03:33 AM

In my book there are vintage bikes, new bikes and old junk. Don't spend a lot of money on old junk.
I could not agree more, however; the problem is the newbie, most newbies, for that matter, cannot tell the difference between the three. Honestly, I am stunned, from time to time, at how little a person, new to the vintage bicycle interest, knows. That is not intended to be a slur. Rather, it is the thing that prompted me to publish MY "TEN SPEEDS".

That said, I agree with other forum members. The bicycle presented is, at best, entry level. However, if it is in good condition, fifty bucks for a bike that will get you from here to there and back again, again and again, is a pretty good deal.

Welcome to the Bike Forums and have fun with what ever vintage bicycle you purchase.

zukahn1 01-29-12 02:49 PM

The old Magna's where low end entry level bikes mostly steel made in Japan or Tawian depending on vintage. 50 seems a fair price for this bike if its in rideable condition and your size it would make a OK beater probably a little better than a Walmart bike.

KilometerKimber 08-07-14 04:26 PM

I just picked up one almost exactly like it for 15 bucks with rotten tires. I can't find any info on these old magnas...Im stripping it and painting it anyways and going to throw higher end parts on it....

Bianchigirll 08-07-14 04:45 PM

Run Away

bobucks 08-13-14 12:18 AM

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Don't listen to the haters. I picked up a vintage Magna (before Target mass marketed them, 1981?) for $20, put some work into it, commute 15 miles a day now and absolutely love it.

The bike has been upgraded with a more comfortable saddle, lightweight aluminum handlebars with thick tape, and most significantly, a freewheel that has a small 11 tooth gear that makes it fly on any kind of incline. I'm also thinking of replacing the funky crankset, possibly with a sealed bearing bottom bracket kit conversion.

Before and after:

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