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Kiroskka 03-24-12 12:46 AM

Need Help With ID And Value For These Campy Brakes
I'm not very keen on vintage campy stuff, so any help would be appreciated.

These came off a bike I bought. I have no need for these, so I'll probably just throw 'em up on ebay.

I'm guessing that the campy logo was silk screened on, no? The rear one is kinda faded

randyjawa 03-24-12 05:12 AM

Those are Campagnolo Monoplaner brake calipers and they work just great, in my opinion. The logos are laser etched into the surface but that means little. The etching can, and will, fade in the sun, perhaps disappearing all together, if left there long enough.

I just sold a set, not quite as nice as yours, for $70 plus shipping. To get that price, I had to include a cosmetically challenged Campy aero seat post. Were I you, I would offer the set here, on the Bike Forums, for sale or trade, before doing the Ebay thing, but that is just me.

zukahn1 03-24-12 05:58 AM

If you need the cash list them on ebay with those photos and you will get at least $50. It seems almost anything vintage and campy gets great price I have gotten $50 for a junk set of scewers twice.

Bianchigirll 03-24-12 07:58 AM

The look like early Chorus brakes, oweing to the smoothish 'shoulder' on the transition from the arm to the pad attachement area and the two nuts on the mounting bolt rather than just the cap nut like on older newer models. The blocks are shot though.

Kiroskka 03-25-12 05:07 AM

Chorus Monoplaner brakes, eh? Thank you very much. I figured someone would still like the holders even if the pads are toast. I've got no love for single pivot brakes, especially not these. Looking these over, they look like a case of cosmetics over function.

Bianchigirll 03-25-12 05:47 AM

I completely disagree. These brakes work very well as designed but they were not intended to stop on a dime. I personally love both the look and the function of these brakes. Don't sell the holders seperate as without the correct type of pads (the bigger old Nuovo/Super Record type) these brakes do not function as well.

If you don't want those drop me a line and maybe we can work something out.

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