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flyguy5219 03-25-12 11:38 PM

late 30s-early40s Claude Butler sold by Hans Ohrt--how much$$
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All original-I just dusted it off from hanging in the rafters--25 years since it was last on the ground

randyjawa 03-26-12 03:52 AM

Determining Vintage Bicycle Value is a complex task. Many things, some of which have nothing to do with the bicycle at all, will impact final value dramatically. The size of the bicycle, the location of the bicycle, condition, all play important rolls.

This old CB is going to be darn near impossible to estimate a value for, in my opinion. It is old and fairly rare. With those two factors in place, there is little else out there to compare it to when attempting to determine value.

When this situation presents itself to me, I decide how much I want for the bicycle. My price may, or may not be, completely off of the mark, but it is representative of what I feel the bicycle is worth - to me. Were I to offer your Claude Butler, I would ask around the two thousand dollar mark and then be patient. I can always come down in my price, if it looks like I have over shot the mark.

Please keep in mind that marketing skills play an important role, in determining how much a bike will sell for. In my case, I can wrap a several hundred page website around everything I sell, and couple that marketing tool with a reputation for selling decent bicycles and then standing behind what I sell.

Good luck with the bicycle and, were I you, I would continue to hang on to it. Clean it up, for preservation and/or riding purposes. The bike will increase in value rapidly over the years to come.

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