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theworkhorse 04-08-12 01:21 PM

Help Buying late 80's/early 90's Trek 1200
Here's the Craigslist Ad:

He is asking for $300

He is not sure which year the bike is from, but thinks it's "Early 90s". To me, it looks more like a 1988 like this one:
Anyone have any ideas as to the year?

Also, he says it comes with Armadillo Kevlar tires he claims worth $100. Are they really worth that much?

I have heard others have bought this bike in the $100 to $150 range, so I am unsure of what to ask for this. If the tires are worth $100, I might ask him to lower to $200-250. If the tires really are not worth that much, then I would not go see it tomorrow unless he could do $150-200. I know the Trek 1200 is well regarded, but this bike is almost as old as I am!

I am looking for a bike for the streets of NYC and central park. Any help for this newbie who is trying to move on from Walmart bikes is much appreciated!

Bianchigirll 04-08-12 03:59 PM

I am not very good at guaging prices but i am pretty sure this is a '87 or '88. Closer to $250 may be more realistic but it is a good bike.

Der_Kruscher 04-08-12 04:16 PM

Having owned a 1200 - it's a pretty harsh ride compared to a lot of steel frames or more recent aluminum. Also mine cracked at the seat binder so you may want to look out for that if you decide to go for this one - not sure if it's a common problem with these. Also, I might have been pretty hamfisted with my wrenching back when I had owned one in the early 90's so it's possible that I just waaay over-tightened the binder and cracked it.

theworkhorse 04-08-12 04:57 PM

Originally Posted by Bianchigirll (Post 14074401)
I am not very good at guaging prices but i am pretty sure this is a '87 or '88. Closer to $250 may be more realistic but it is a good bike.

Thanks for your help! Do you know anything about the Armadillo Kevlar tires? Think they're an added plus?

know1 04-08-12 06:41 PM

Armadillos are great tires. However, it is hard to tell what condition they are in in the photos. If it's a pair of 15 year old dirty armadillos they aren't going to be much of a bonus. A new pair of armadillos can certainly run around 100$, and I can see them adding an extra 50$ to the value of the bike if they are in good shape.

As others have mentioned, the aluminum in these bikes is very stiff (not known for being a smooth ride) and aluminum has the worst fatigue life of the common frame materials. I think Trek's first aluminum road bike was in 1987 and aluminum has gotten better over time. No one reminisces about old aluminum. With that said I rode an aluminum Trek, even a little older than this one, and despite it being a little harsh it was a light and reliable bike. Personally I'd try to find something steel which you should be able to do in this price range.

Also, that looks like some gnarly paint damage on the right seat stay, I'd make sure that doesn't go into the frame.

Good luck.

FastJake 04-08-12 07:28 PM

Where I live that bike would be over-priced by about $100 since the paint is pretty bad. But in New York that might be reasonable. Based on the Vintage Trek site it's an 88 or 89.

As far as the ride, I'm not sure what everyone is complaining about. I've owned plenty of steel bikes and the 1989 Trek 1500 I had felt virtually the same. Rode it across Wisconsin (180 miles) in one day and was comfortable the whole time. It's a good bike and I liked it but sold it for something more modern as it was my racing bike.

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