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jazzycise 04-20-12 12:13 PM

Bianchi identifcation and value?
Hey everyone, new to Bianchi's (and the forum) but love the ride.
Here's the story recently just bought a Celeste blue what was advertised as Bianchi Campione d'Italia (Columbus Formula two frame, campagnolo derailers, and model mach 1 brake set) for 200$, but alas it was a bit too small (as much as i tried to make it work out).
But fell in love with the feel and I'm looking at picking bianchi up:

Its a bit pricey at 375$ But was just looking for help identifying the model and value, so I dont do anything too crazy.



thinktubes 04-20-12 01:20 PM

$375 is way too much. Non-matching front fork could mean crash damage. Hold out for something better.

Bianchigirll 04-20-12 03:58 PM

It must be my connection or something, I can't see your pic.

randyjawa 04-21-12 04:18 AM

Unless you know what you are doing and can tell a damaged bicycle from an undamaged on, pass! The replaced fork is almost always a result of crash damage and such damage can easily be transferred to the frame set.

Bianchigirll 04-21-12 07:23 AM

The frame looks to me like a '87ish Limited but I agree the fork would raise a flag on damage. It doesn't loo like there are brake hoods so that detracts from the value too. Any idea of the component fit?

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