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geegollygosh 05-03-12 09:16 PM

Schwinn Suburban-- Should I buy it?
Looking at buying this bike: for $65.

I am mostly buying it just to go on occasional rides on the bike path this summer, maybe a little bit of commuting and rides around town but nothing too intense. Probably wouldn't be going more than 10-15 miles round trip ever, with most trips considerably shorter than that.

I'm trying to keep the budget for buying a bike under $100 and preferably closer to $50 as it's very possible I'll be moving in the fall and I don't know whether I'll be able to take it with me. So most of my other options in that price range are second hand department store mountain bikes.... this seems like a better deal than that-- am I right?

The retro thing isn't particularly important to me-- it's fine, but it's not a big factor.

FastJake 05-03-12 10:18 PM

For the type of riding you describe, I think this bike will be fine. Especially since you may only have it temporarily. Yeah it'll be heavy and clunky, but still better than one of those dual-suspension bicycle shaped objects.

$65 is also a fair price. You should be able to resell it later for that, or close to it.

Esteban32696 05-04-12 07:15 AM

From pix & description, it would be a steal around here. $125 is what it could sell for , IF it didn't really need anything much done to it. Good bike for mostly level , paved roads.

wrk101 05-04-12 07:58 AM

Is it worth it? Yes. Will it fit within your budget, maybe not. Even if it just needs a couple of items, you will rapidly exceed your budget. Of course, that is true with just about any vintage bike. Under $100 usually = Xmart crap.

geegollygosh 05-04-12 11:24 AM

Thanks everyone! I'm going to go look at it this afternoon. He confirmed on the phone that it was ready to go and didn't need repairs, hopefully he'll be right and if not hopefully I'll spot any problems.

Esteban32696 05-08-12 07:37 AM

Good luck.

cpt. Howdy 05-12-12 01:04 AM

I just bought one of those about 6 weeks ago. Paid $40. Was fun to ride around on, but was ungodly heavy and harsh ride. Put two new tires on it, adjusted the derailleur, and sold it for $90. Decent buy.

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