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10speedterror 05-06-12 08:03 PM

chrome mystery machine
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so i picked up this cool little chrome machine today it doesnt have any markings and just has a serial looking number on the rear drop out i was wondering if you could clue me in on any ideas of what it might be even the components that look original have very little marking nothing that looks familiar absolutely nothing on the crankset not even a length but the dt shifters are marked with either a B or a 13 and the center pulls are marked XB3 wheels are tubulars but the rims hubs or QRs dont have any markings the stem is a cool herse-esque looking deal its steal

the lugs are pretty interesting ive only seen loopy looking ones that kind of resemble this on a all chrome galmozzi or whoever you spell it

also bottom bracket threads are english and i got the stem out and it is very interesting indeed! post some pictures of it tomarrow

10speedterror 05-08-12 03:09 PM

well just found this on ebay its a track bike with the same exact lugs and it mentions it is a xb3 frame just like the brakes are labeled

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