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3alarmer 05-09-12 09:23 PM

gimme your best guess on a Heron touring frame.........
Waterford contract frame........just the frame
and fork in my size. The stuff left on it is unremarkable.

Assume good condition and reasonably intact paint.

Fair price ? Good price ?

brian3069 05-09-12 09:35 PM

Anymore details, what tubing, is it lugged, does it have cantilever bosses.

3alarmer 05-09-12 09:44 PM

Reynolds 531, lugged construction, cantilever bosses, built to accommodate 700c's

Looks like a pretty modern higher end touring frame.

I found one complete bike from 2006 with the sale ad
on the internet still up in Seattle for about 1200 bucks.

i have no idea what they retailed for, and there appears
to be an interruption in the supply from the Heron site.

brian3069 05-09-12 11:48 PM

That has a lot of good things going for it. Assuming it's in good condition and the paint's in tact. I think it would be worth in the $400 plus range. I've seen Trek 720 frame sets go for as much as $400 on E-bay, it seems this would do better then a Trek. That' my guess.

Poguemahone 05-10-12 10:37 AM

I would think 500 would be a good starting point, assuming good condition. About right for a Waterford frame. They ride nice. Make sure you know the post size; I'm not sure what they were on the Herons, but on some Waterford frames from the same period the frame took a 27.4 post. People routinely stick in the more common 27.2, and I believe there were some reports of the frames seperating at the seat (edit: these were 753 frames. I think the 531 would be 27.2 and likely avoid this issue) stay/seat cluster joins when this was done. So check that area out before putting down money. Scooper might know more; he knows a pootload about Schwinn/Waterford stuff. At any rate, I'd at least try to figure out this issue before buying or building the bike.

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