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plasticmotif 05-10-12 08:18 AM

Selling 1980 or 81 Peugeot SS. Fair price?
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I've got what I believe to be a 1980 or 81 Peugeot. The frame is in good shape, the paint in moderate shape. I've fixed it up enough to be a good daily rider. Sun CR18 rims on shimano parallax hubs, new seat post and clamp, Nitto stem/bars, Cinelli bar tape, new hoods on the brake levers, new cables and housing, new shimano bottom bracket and vuelta 44T crankset. It's got the original fork and original Peugeot center pull brakes too.

What would be a good and fair asking price.

Poguemahone 05-10-12 10:17 AM

It is very nicely redone. To really price this, we would need to know more about the bike. Tubing type? Carbolite 103 would top out at around 200$ in a better market, even with your additions. I'm not sure the fork is orginal, as well-- what makes you sure? In 1980, fully chromed forks were only on the top model(s). They are common replacement forks, though. The various UO variations had half chrome forks, and would have had some decaling on forks with that decal set. Depending on location, I think 150-200 is about right on this bike. Might do 250 in the hottest markets. Anything higher is pushing it, and I know you likely have that much in the parts. Sorry.

If it is not 103, let us know the tubing type. It looks like one of those, however.

plasticmotif 05-10-12 01:01 PM

Thanks, it is 103.

I've got it priced too high to see if I could get any takers. I'll probably settle for $225. It rides too well for me to take much less. Thanks.

Bianchigirll 05-10-12 01:26 PM

Where is the bike? that matters alot. I think SS/FG bikes are still hot in the cities but out in the 'burbs a multi would sell better.

plasticmotif 05-10-12 01:51 PM

Near Nashville.

Poguemahone 05-10-12 02:32 PM

Heck, they do ride nice. And you should always factor in bargaining in any price you set.

Bianchigirll 05-10-12 02:43 PM

Originally Posted by plasticmotif (Post 14206619)
Near Nashville.

Nashville? you need to turn those bar into the upright "DUI" position to sell a bike there LOL

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