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jombie 05-11-12 01:50 PM

'82 Peugeot PS20
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Hello all, I'm new to the biking world. Saw this roadbike up for sale.

The seller claims its a '82 Peugeot PS20 with
- original shimano 600 groupsets, cranks, and shifters
- Reynolds 501 chromoly-m butted tubes
- double walled aluminum Rigida 700c rims
- vetta saddle

Price $350

*can't figure why the picture is flipped

There isn't much about this model online so am looking for opinions here.
Is it reasonable?

Your help is much appreciated :)


Bianchigirll 05-11-12 02:22 PM

Nice looking Peugeot.

wrk101 05-11-12 03:21 PM

Depends where you live. Around here, $350 would be a little high. But it appears to be very clean. In a hotter market, that is probably a pretty good deal.

Even here, the price might be $50 too high, which is not much if it is the bike you want. Cosmetics on a 30 year old bike are critical, and this bike has it (paint and decals/condition of components). For a keeper, I could be talked into paying $350 for it.

lostarchitect 05-11-12 04:07 PM

Looks clean, and that's a good set of components. That would be a fair deal here in NYC. Might be a little high depending on where you are, but certainly not absurd.

jyl 05-12-12 08:10 AM

It is expensive for a Reynolds 501 eighties Peugeot, $200-250 would be a nice price. But consider usually those will come with less desirable components than the ones in there. Upgrading components will quickly eat up the difference between $350 and a better priced bike. Cosmetics are important too. For me, if the bike was perfect in fit and components, ready to ride, as clean as the pics show . . . I might go for it.

jombie 05-12-12 01:12 PM

Thanks so much for all the replies. I really appreciate it.
Sadly I called yesterday but someone was faster than me in Toronto. I'll keep looking. Thanks everyone.

Chombi 05-14-12 01:12 PM

Nice bike and in great condition from what I see in the pics, but even though there's nothing wrong with the 501 tubing, it will always carry the reputation of being the cheaper alternative to 531 tubing and used only in mid-level bikes and lower, thus affecting the bikes ultimate value potential.
The better than usual Shimano 600 component group does help it quite a bit though. A solid price for most good condition mid-level Peugeots from the 80's is running at around $300 presently, so expect to be able to price this Peugeot at around that much because of the Shimano group.....but as always, it could be your lucky day and the planets might line up correctly and you might find a couple of guys that might be setimentally connected to this particlar model bike and be willing to bid against each other and go up much more to who knows, mostly because of it's good and seemingly original/stock condition.


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