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r0ckh0und 05-13-12 03:38 PM

Guy says it's a Bottecchia.............
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I was in a bit of a rush to get to work yesterday when I was checking out this frame at a ma & pa thrift store. Now that I've taken a few pics, I realize it has been in a front end collision. It has some nice window lugs, chromed head tube lugs. It came with a Campy Valentino FD and had Ballila center pulls, one of the rear dropouts has a 5 stamped on it and the top of the seat tube is stamped 52199. Seatpost measures 26.4. It also came with 3t stem and bars.

Fortunately I only dropped $25 on this crusty frame, but still, I'm curious if anything is salvageable. What kind of frame tubing? Is the fork worth hanging on to? Is it possible and/or worthwhile to repair such a frame?

Bianchigirll 05-13-12 04:53 PM

crusty is a good term

Is the tubes dimply on the underside or is just the lighting?

r0ckh0und 05-13-12 06:26 PM

Thanks for resizing BG...................yes, the underside of the top tube and down tube are rippled.

Would the fork be worth keeping and is there a possibility that it's Reynolds or Columbus?

randyjawa 05-14-12 01:35 AM

You have an entry to mid level Bottecchia, or Torpado, or Chiorda, or Stucci, or who knows. Most of these bicycles are remarkably alike in design and quality level.

The fork looks to be original but it is nothing special. In fact, my experience with those entry level Italian fork sets is that they are very fragile. If your frame is bent, chances are the forks are tweaked also.

Might want to not invest too much money in the frame unless you know what you are doing when it comes to straightening things out.

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