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gaozilla 05-13-12 06:10 PM

Torelli (corsa strada?) price check

I have the chance to pick up an old torelli (corsa strada i believe?). It is in pretty rough shape paint-wise, but it comes with the original sachs group and mavic gp4 laced wheels... and has columbus tubing. the seatpost is stuck however (im pretty sure I'll be able to remove it though).

I'm planning on making it a nice commuter with moustache bars/basket and all.

How much would you pick it up for? The seller is willing to sell it to me for $190. Fair price? I'm just a bit hesitant because of the condition of the paint, the stuck seatpost, and the not-so-known sachs group on it.

any help would be appreciated. thanks!

Bianchigirll 05-13-12 06:34 PM

Depending on where you live the paint would not bother me as much as the stuck seatpost. Unless you can ride it with the post in that postion I would not buy it at all.

Howerve if it is a Columbus frame 190 is't a bad price for it and a Sachs group minus the wheels. Do you have wheels?

thinktubes 05-13-12 06:39 PM

totally worth it, IF you can unstick the post.

gaozilla 05-13-12 06:47 PM

oh sorry, i worded it really poorly in my original post. i meant to say that it had its original sachs group besides the wheelset which has different hubs (wheelset also included).

how difficult is it to get a stuck seatpost unstuck?

also, it has columbus tubing, not sure which though.

wrk101 05-13-12 06:53 PM

I used to believe I could remove any stuck seatpost. I was 12 for 12! Then I picked up another bike with a stuck post, no problem right? Well, then I was 12 for 13. (I have since picked up a half dozen bikes with stuck posts, using the strategy below).

Any bike with a stuck post, I just adjust my price to donor bike level (what are the crankset, pedals, derailleurs, handlebars, stem and wheels worth?) I explain this to the seller, and even let them take a shot at freeing up a stuck post. Last time I did this, I made two offers: X if the seat post is not stuck, 1/2 X if it is stuck. (It was stuck). I will tell the seller that most of the time, I can free them up. But it can be a lot of work, and sometimes, the only way to get it out is to cut it out.

Your comment that you are "pretty sure you can remove the stuck post" is based on what experience?

I have access to a lot of tools, a heavy workbench with a large vise, etc. If you saw the last stuck post I "unstuck" two days ago, you would probably come to the conclusion that it can be pretty tough. Push it too hard, and you can end up with a bent frame, break a seat stay loose, or whatever. I am a chemical engineer by background, so I am not bashful at throwing the full chemical arsenal at the problem (requires the right protective equipment, knowledge, etc). Cutting it out has its own set of challenges, seat posts are usually pretty thick, frame seat tubes are usually very thin.

Also make sure stem is not stuck. About a quarter of the time when I find a stuck seat post, the stem will also be stuck.

gaozilla 05-13-12 07:28 PM

ah, thank you for the advice. how did you let the seller try to unstick the seatpost themselves? just ask them try to yank it out in front of you?

my only experience with unsticking seatposts is by force (vice and leverage). i have yet to try any chemicals. is it still worth $190 even if im taking a chance on being able to remove the seatpost or not? the seller is pretty firm at $190, regardless of the stuck seatpost.

gaozilla 05-13-12 10:18 PM

I was able to talk the seller down to $180.

he also said that he was able to move the seatpost a little bit, so with a little effort I can probably get it unstuck.

thank you everyone for the replies.

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