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ajack50 05-13-12 07:42 PM

Mystery Bike, 10 Speed, Racer, ? Italian, 1970s
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This bike was donated to us for our fundraiser yard sale and I'm trying to figure out what to price it at. The guy that gave it to us is in his 70s and he said he used to ride in his 40s, thus the 1970s in the title. He said he paid $1200 for it and that it's an Italian make. We took it to our local bike store and they added that it is indeed a racer and of Italian make. Any help would be appreciated. I've attached several pics, including the serial number, *412584*. Thanks so much.

wrk101 05-13-12 08:00 PM

Actual value + yard sale method of sale = will sell for a small fraction of its value. Yard sale is the wrong place to get anything near value out of a bike.

Ebay is your best bet, but it will take a lot more information and better pics to get full value there as well.

Bianchigirll 05-13-12 08:23 PM

I think I saw this in another thread earlier.

Bianchigirll 05-13-12 08:27 PM

Holy Cow! these two could be twins!!!~~48_20.JPG

Poguemahone 05-13-12 09:29 PM

We could really use some far better photos. The fork crown area or the top of the fork, the seat stay cluster where the seatpost inserts into the frame, any defining marks on the lugs, the drivetrain. Plus a component list. Bike's value is a bit limited by size. It would help us to know more. Location helps as well.

randyjawa 05-14-12 01:22 AM

Determining Vintage Bicycle Value is a tricky business, at the best of times. Many things will impact final value, including where the bicycle is, time of year, size of the bicycle, condition and a host of other things.

Marketing skills will play a big part in how much the bicycle will sell for. I have good marketing skills, and a 700 page website to add credibility to my for sale offerings. I could probably get between $600 and $900 for the bicycle, but you will, most likely have to settle for closer to, or even less than, $600. Please keep in mind that I am guessing and my guess is based on minimal information and poor pictures.

wrk101 05-14-12 08:08 AM

While it may be worth $600, no way you are going to get that at a garage sale, at least around here. $150 to $200 at a garage sale is pushing the very top around here. Garage sales are typically $50 or less. I once paid $200 for a bike at a garage sale, but it came with a host of extras.

Your area may be different than mine, although I go to garage sales just about every week, and I have been to them in many regions of the US.

Garage sales are meant for getting rid of stuff, not getting full (or anything close to full) value out of an item. Its the wrong venue for that. The buyers you want will not be perusing garage sales. Those that do are looking for deals, either a basic recreational bike to ride, or something to resell at a flea market/ebay/or whatever.

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