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resistealeau 05-14-12 12:57 PM

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Hey guys,

I inherited this bike a couple years ago, pretty much as is except that the rear derailleur broke and was replaced so that I could ride it. I don't know much about road bikes in general, as I usually just ride fixed, but I'm thinking about fixing it up a bit so that a) it fits me a little better (it's a little small) and b) is not so mis-matched in terms of components.

I have a nitto dynamic 90mm stem that is just waiting to be put to use somewhere, want to get rid of those haggard bullhorns in favor of some narrow steel drops, and find something a little more appropriate for the derailleur. Also the pedals are rattley as hell but I know french threaded pedals are a bit of a pain to track down for a good price...

Thoughts? Comments? Suggestions?

Bianchigirll 05-14-12 01:17 PM

Hello Welcome to the fourms. Nice looking project. how small is it?

IMHO there is certainly nothing wrong with mismatched components provided they work well together. There is actually some good stuff on there, the Campi HS and hubs, those Suntour shifters are still some of the best out there.

The rear derailleur is not bad for this either. Something looks odd with that housing stop can you take a better pic? it look like it was put on backwards.

Back in these days and still today bike companies mix and match components to get different price points. plus people are always upgrading and trying new stuff. Nice crank.

repechage 05-14-12 01:24 PM

I would get you position sorted on it first. If the saddle height is correct, then it is not too small. The steep declining tilt of the saddle indicates something is not right at all.
The handlebar I will just write off as a Texan fixation.

resistealeau 05-14-12 01:42 PM

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There's a better shot of the front derailleur, and what I can only assume is the housing stop. I ziptied it down cause it was going all crazy and I didnt know what else to do :)

A little mis-matching I don't mind, in terms of company, but the rear derailleur sticks out to me in terms of date/style (though I dont really know when this bike was put together). And the stem/bar switch would be for fits' sake. According to my grandmother, a "famous" racing buddy of hers named Bill Ferrell (sp?) put it together for my mom out of spare parts.

resistealeau 05-14-12 01:44 PM

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Well the saddle is not even properly attached at this point, I had lowered/switched the seat for a friend when she was borrowing it... I'll adjust for my legs and repost a picture to give you a better idea.

It measures 51 (seat tube c-c) by 53 (top tube c-c), I normally ride a 52 or 53 track frame and a 54 road.

anixi 05-14-12 01:57 PM

It appears that the chain is also a couple of links too short.

resistealeau 05-14-12 02:05 PM

Originally Posted by anixi (Post 14222076)
It appears that the chain is also a couple of links too short.

I can shift into 52/22 with no problem, but that's possible.

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