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muskiehunter 05-14-12 04:57 PM

what model and year on these Cannondale's
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havent seen them in person yet, he said that he believes that they are both shimano 105 and bio pace crank sets. i looked in the catalogs and thought maybe 87 88 but not sure. any info i could get would be awesome.

IthaDan 05-14-12 05:45 PM

wrk101 05-14-12 06:01 PM

When looking at the catalogs, pay attention to the location of the "Cannondale" decal. Cannondale moved that decal back and forth from the top tube to the down tube. Also watch the rear dropout. The style of that changed over the years.

As far as value, the value is really the same, whether it is a 1984, 1985, or a 1986. Its all about condition (which looks pretty good on both bikes).

muskiehunter 05-15-12 02:04 PM

Im thinking maybe 87 are 88 but in the catalogs i don't see any with the decal on the top tube and down tube. I guess it could of been put on at a latter date. (on the white and black one) witch one looks better, he said 140 for ether one. thinking thats a good deal.

R_Know 05-15-12 02:22 PM

Think so too.
Let us know!

TMP 05-15-12 03:47 PM

At 140 each, I'd buy both!

randyjawa 05-16-12 03:38 AM

Vintage Bicycle Value is a tricky thing to determine plus the bicycles are two different sizes. Were I doing the buying, I would give greatest though to the one that was a decent fit for me. As for buying them both? Not a bad idea, if you can get a slightly better deal on each, and then sell the one that does not fit to help offset the costs of your purchase.

If you do get one, or the other, or both, you can figure out their vintage by applying the information contained in How Old Is My Bike?

tmh657 05-16-12 06:28 AM

Originally Posted by TMP (Post 14227607)
At 140 each, I'd buy both!

Indeed. At that price they would be flip material if they don't fit you.

rccardr 05-16-12 10:56 AM

White one is an 87/88 SR500, I'd guess a 60cm. Solid bike with a good 105 group.
Dark one is an 85 or 86 (can't see the top tube cable guides very well) ST light touring model, probably a 23". Looks like it's been retro-fitted with a 105 group, which would not have been original but is still good stuff.

Decals are often added to or replaced on these older Imron-painted bikes & that's certainly the case with the white one.

muskiehunter 05-16-12 04:44 PM

I was thinking that the white one was 87 or 88 sr500, the decal through me off when looking at the catalogs. trying to meet up with owner to look it over. he told that it was 23 inch frame witch would fit me nicely.

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