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roashru 05-14-12 05:00 PM

panasonic dx-1000 selling help
hello everyone, somebody i know has a panasonic dx-1000 road only 49cm bicycle she wants to get rid of. just wondering what would be a fair approximate asking price for it. the bicycle looks all original except for the bottle holder. it has been stored in a barn shed so it has the light surface corrosion on the aluminum. it was tuned up new tires and tubes about 3 years ago. i did read the stickeys let me know if im doing ok.

picture is here:

wrk101 05-14-12 06:04 PM

I see rust on the seat post, chain, seat post binder bolt, freewheel, and some rust staining on the chain ring. All of that will drop the value. So if you are planning to sell it as is, $100 to $125 or so. Tires look good, which is a plus. Panasonic built great bikes, and had a full line of models. The DX1000 is towards the basic end.

roashru 05-14-12 07:52 PM

wow, thanks for the response wrk101. i didnt look the bicycle over that well. that seat post chrome is rusted bad the chain and freewheel is not that bad. anyone else have an opinion?

FastJake 05-14-12 08:50 PM


Tires were replaced at some point but there is enough rust on the bike to seriously drop the value. Rust on moving parts = tuneup/overhaul needed. I would also be thinking about $100 on this bike.

anixi 05-14-12 08:59 PM

I think that you should be able to shine up the paint some: rubbing compound and car wax should do the trick.

bent-not-broken 05-15-12 06:55 AM

I would agree $100 as is up to $200 with new tape, hoods, chain,cables etc. This will make a nice daily rider.

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