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Kimbo80 05-14-12 06:46 PM

Schwinn Varsity Rear Wheel Question
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While changing my wheel, this bolt came loose. I wasn't paying attention and removed it, without remembering the correct way it was on my bike in the first place. Can you let me know if it is on the correct way in the hub or should be flipped the other way? Thanks.

By the way I just discovered this forum, and it's great! I have learned a lot of things about bikes and the history of my tank, er should I say Varsity.

FastJake 05-14-12 10:43 PM

Kind of hard to tell from the picture but that looks right. A lot of times it doesn't matter which way. If the bolt has serrations, put them in contact with the frame.

Bicycle Mechanics would have been a better place for this question. You'd probably get more responses there.

Kimbo80 05-15-12 06:53 PM

Thanks Fast Jake. I guessed correctly and took the old ride for a spin and all seems ok.

Now on to my next project: respacing a 27" alloy wheel to swap for the old steelie.

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