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10speedterror 05-14-12 07:45 PM

so i recently picked up a galmozzi my original intention was to restore and sell it but the more i look at it the more i like it but its entirely too small for me anyways it is the model with the chrome fork crown and it has a real brass(?) cock headbadge! it also came with alot of the original campy NR parts (headset, bb, crankset, pedals, seatpost, brake calipers, shifters, and front and rear derailleur) since the frame does not have any sort of serial number i was wondering if anyone could help me date and the frame as well as give me a guess at a good price to ask for it my intentions are to repaint it with the two color scheme with the large white panels where the decals are as well as clean and polish all the components the rear derailleur is labeled PATENT 71

also the down tube shifters are black....i dont assume this original....much like the paint job but i dont know maybe it is!

as you can see its in pretty rough head badge pictures at the moment

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