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Mbastylee 05-25-12 10:09 PM

1999 (I think) Bianchi Eros
I asked about another Bianchi earlier on the forums that turned out to not be very good. I however found this one that seems to be a little more legit. The seller thinks its a 200 model but I compared the components with what would be stock on a 200 bianchi Eros through Bikepedia but it did not match. It seems to be more like 1999 model but I could be completely wrong. My question is, how does the bike look as far as condition? is it a good price or a bit high? Any help is appreciated

rjhammett 05-25-12 11:00 PM

The price seems pretty high. I picked up a 1997 Eros last fall for $100. The components were in very good shape but the paint was pretty chipped up. I am having it powder coated right now and will have about $200 total into it. I was planning on selling it for about $400 until my daughter decided she needed a 3rd bike. I live in the Twin Cities which is a hot bike market.

Mbastylee 05-25-12 11:18 PM

I guess I live in a pretty hot bike market myself because I am not seeing bikes anywhere near that price range unless its total crap. Its the southern california area, more specifically LA.

randyjawa 05-26-12 03:25 AM

The bike at the asking price is a fair deal, in my opinion and I have bought and sold a lot of bicycles. Were I you, I would have the bike at my place, already.

thinktubes 05-26-12 09:39 AM

Nice bike, seem to remember that they retailed right around 1K new. I would offer between $450 and $500 if it's as good as the pics.

Mbastylee 05-26-12 11:41 AM

Alright. Thanks guys, I'm going to check it out this weekend

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