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mb158127 05-30-12 06:44 AM

Thoughts on this Schwinn Traveler?

"Schwinn Traveler 10 Speed with 27" wheels. Lightweight series. Good Condition. Purchase of bike includes indoor trainer. $75. Please contact..."

from what I can see looks like a decent mid-level? if I can get 40 bucks for the trainer would it be worth the difference? Assume it needs the regular grease/housingand I am doing it myself. I have no interest in riding bikes in my living room. Tell me about the traveler a bit, can't find much info on it.

Bianchigirll 05-30-12 06:57 AM

How tall are you? that is a huge bike must be atleast a 25" frame will it fit? For $35 it seems like an OK deal.

wrk101 05-30-12 01:43 PM

Decent mid level? Nope. Bottom end/close to bottom end. I see steel rims, steel bars, claw RD hanger, stem shifters = entry level.

If it was mid grade, it would be long, long gone.

If you are looking for something really basic, and it fits, the price is great.

elboGreaze 05-30-12 03:01 PM

If you're looking for a bike to race, that's not it , but I see a good rider for someone at least 6' tall. Oh, I also see a free bike: trainer $30, rear rack $25 , headlight/tailight combo $20. Go get it !

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