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lhzsem 06-26-12 07:03 PM

Older Bianchi Road Bike
I have an older Bianchi Road bike that i picked up somewhere for free but recently got in a minor accident and bent the front fork a little bit, so i'm trying to figure out exactly what it is and if it's worth fixing, and how much i should consider spending to do it right.
the serial number is IS19028, stamped on the bottom of the hub. The only marking besides the brand name is it says "touring" on the upper bar and has "made in Japan" stamped in the bars and on a sticker by the hub. So i know it's not a top of the line model, but i'm pretty sure it's got all original parts, it has Dia-compe brakes, sunTour shifters, the rims are "DRDYZ" (back) and "UKAIRIM" (front) both made in Japan. and the crank arms are "SISTAR"
some pics here:
and i can post more if needed.
Thanks for your help!

Standard Issue 06-29-12 05:00 AM

Pics arent very clear but its clear from the pics that its not a "real" Bianchi.
Safety levers and stem shifters are usually found on lower end bikes. Integrated rear D hanger suggests its not bottom end, though. If the fork is the only problem, its too nice to scrap. Grab a fork off an old frame and keep on riding.

randyjawa 06-29-12 07:01 PM

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Bianchi made lots of different models, both in Italy and Japan. That said, any bicycle, be it low end or high end could be fitted with safety levers and stem shifters. This entry level Bianchi was fitted with both...

Of course, the bike I pictured is much lower end than the one presented by the OP. The OP's bike is likely made in Japan and fitted with original components. Mid level, at best, but a nice enough bike to ride, assuming the geometry isn't screwed up. And it is on the OP's bike.

The fork is badly bent and warrants replacement, in my opinion. I don't mind straightening out a fork, but not one that has been subjected to that much trauma.

Also, look closely at the top and down tubes. The forks got a pretty serious Kapow, that's for sure, and one would have to wonder if that trauma was transferred to the frame? Perhaps you could send clear pictures of the top and down tubes, showing their intersections with the head tube. If you see anything that looks like cracked paint..,

...then chances are the frame set is tweaked, also...

lhzsem 06-30-12 06:18 PM

Posted some closeups of the frame in the front and the bent fork, i did a pretty good job, i hit a gate with it because my brakes were too loose and i couldn't stop :/ then someone pulled in front of me and i clipped the back corner of their car then hit a curb before i stopped...anyways, thanks for the replies! any idea what she might be worth?

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