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kirosky 08-25-12 01:16 AM

Getting my first road bike!Need help to choose the right one. Sekai/Nishiki~
Hi guys and ladies~

I'm new both to this forum and U.S. I'm currently riding a mountain bike, which is too heavy and slow on the road. Hence, looking to get a second-hand road bike. Love vintage bikes and spotted a few awesome looking bikes on CL. As the only information i have regarding these bikes are on CL, I need help on choosing the right bike!

I usually bike 3 days a week if the weather permits, (around 30-50 miles) each time.
Once school starts, will be riding to school (13miles each way).
I'm 5'11", with 34.5" inseam.

SEKAI GT-Deluxe 2700 road 58 cm - $225
Vintage Sekai, High end light weight components throughout, double butted chromoly frame, bike has spent its life stored more than it was ridden, Tracks straight, rolls effortlessly with no gunky gummy parts, Made in Japan.

Vintage Nishiki Road Bike
Speed: 12
Size:22 inches 55cm
Conditions: good

I'm selling a vintage motobecane Grand Record road bike. frame measures 57cm from center of sprocket to bottom of seat post. This is a larger frame and would fit someone over 5'8" . Campagnolo derailleur. Atom 700 pedals. Avocet saddle. Nitto Pearl aluminum stem. Weinmann brakes. This bike is tuned and ready to go. Tires are in great condition. Very nice bike

Schwinn Le Tour Luxe - $225
Schwinn Le Tour Luxe 56cm 1972 excellent condition. 10spd
All original decals, stickers and plaques still on bike in like new condition.
All original; only parts replaced were chain, tires and tubes, brake pads.
Purchased from a showroom two years ago and ridden lightly.
I am selling because I got a new hybrid bike.

Option 3 is kind of over my budget.
Any help or advice will be greatly appreciated!! Thanks in advance =))

oddjob2 08-25-12 03:47 AM

IMHO, a 58cm frame is preferred for your height. Also, each of these bikes will need an overhaul, which includes a cleaning and lubing of all four main bearing sets, cables greased or replaced, and maybe brake pads. spendy if you are not a DIYer with the right tools.

catonec 08-25-12 03:56 AM

I hate them all but If I had too id put the Moto in first place even with the ghetto bars followed by the sekai. , road tab, for $300 you have a few options on a brand new one.

randyjawa 08-25-12 04:43 AM

Only one of those bicycles impresses me and that is the Motobecane Grand Record, a truly wonderful riding and looking vintage road bicycle. Though outside of your budget limitations, the Motobe is the most collectable and certainly the best rider in the group. However...

French made bicycles can have compatibility problems. I, personally, do not see this as a problem but many others will. And, for what it is worth, one of the favourite bicycles in my collection is also a Motobecane, mine being a 1978 Grand Jubilee...

wrk101 08-25-12 12:40 PM

Well, the Moto is gone. The Sekai is not too bad, the other two, forget it. Spend some time on Randy's site, so you can quickly spot a value and pounce. The good deals do not last long enough to get an answer to: "Hey, is this one a good deal?" There are plenty of other educated buyers out there that will be loading the bike in their car while you are doing your research.

zukahn1 08-25-12 12:59 PM

The Sekai is probably the best deal of the bunch. But for pretty basic road bikes that need some work these prices do seem to be on the high side. I think if you do some more looking should be able to find something nicer in $200-300 or at least ready to ride.

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