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reremcq 09-05-12 08:18 PM

Should I save this bike??
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I found this old bike in my parents basement. Is it worth cleaning up and saving for my grandchildren?
I don't know anything about this bike and I am in the Philadelphia area if anyone can reccomend any
bike shops as well.

JPZ66 09-05-12 08:40 PM

It may not be something for the grand kids until completely cleaned and repaired, which, for as fast as kids grow, may not be worth the trouble. On the other hand, it might be worth a few dollars to someone who collects that sort of bike. Rod brake on that kiddy bike is pretty cool. Perhaps it would be worth the time to do some basic cleaning and put it eBay for a low starting bid and see what happens.


jon c. 09-05-12 08:49 PM

Yes! I have no idea if it's worth anything, but it's pretty unique. A bike like that should be preserved for posterity.

VegasTriker 09-06-12 10:33 AM

Is it worth working on a bike in such poor shape?
I wouldn't bother. It looks as though it is in such poor shape that you will spend $$$ on restoration. It is interesting but does not appear to be a particularly good bike to start with, just quite old. Your grand kids would probably rather get a bike that is easy to ride and looks good too. They likely wouldn't appreciate it being an antique.

Sell it to some collector and take the money and buy a decent used bike for your grand kids. I came across a North Face Bandicoot MTB yesterday at the local Goodwill store for $20 with the Wednesday geezer discount taken into account. The tires were flat and most people were overlooking it among the trashy mass merchandiser kids bikes that were in the store. All it will take is a little TLC to make this into a usable bike for a grade school aged kid. All the components work just fine and the tires have held air overnight. The TLC will just be polishing it and lubricating some components. It is already properly adjusted and the wheels are true.

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