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side.g 09-08-12 09:25 AM

Me again, Bottecchia
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So lately I've been attack by a load of nice bike this one i'm kindda not sure:
23 inch Frame (colombus zeta)
Campagnolo Derailleurs and Crank
Madolo side pull'Speedy' Brake set
3TTT Gooseneck and Drop Handlebars
c/w 27 1/4 alloy wheelset
He was asking 340$ on local ad, his willing to let it go for 175$

what do you guys think? and what is this Bottecchia?

Giacomo 1 09-08-12 09:49 AM

For $175, it seem's like a good deal.

The Campy components alone make it worth that to me, and the condition appears to be very good also. However, Zeta tubing is rather low-end I believe, just below Aelle and probably a tad heavier and I believe it's un-butted cromoly. But hey, it's still Columbus, so it can't be to bad!

JPZ66 09-08-12 10:41 AM

As long as it fits you.....I'd go for it. I'd say pretty darn good deal for the money.



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