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IthaDan 09-09-12 04:59 PM

Early 70's Mercier... I think it's a 200
Picked this up a couple weeks back. Not really sure what it's worth, but it's a pretty stylin' ride. The guy on the seattube was enough to cinch the sale for me. The paint's pretty oxidized, and I could probably shine it up, but the decals are VERY fragile and I'm somewhat afraid I'll mess them up.

I came across this thread, and it looks like I have a 200

And here's a 300 model for $450

Album link


Chombi 09-09-12 05:16 PM

If you plan to ride the bike extensively just watch out for that plastic Simplex rear derailleur. check for any cracking on the pivot bodies and repalce it if you see any as it's a sign that the plastic has perished and cannot be trusted to last too much longer. Many other all metal Simplex rear derailleurs out there to choose from to replace that one. Also check out if you have one of those so called "death stems" (I think it was the "PIVO" brand that had the problems) on the bike that also cracked on some owners.


Vonruden 09-09-12 05:17 PM

Nice pickup

IthaDan 09-10-12 07:35 AM

I have it on local craigslist for $250. I've gotten a lot of emails, so I'm doubting I've priced it ambitiously, but what's left up top?

I picked it up for a song (hard numbers in the dump/pickup thread) before I cleaned it up, replaced the cables and got the mechanicals straight.

IthaDan 09-10-12 05:32 PM

Sold this today for $200. I'm happy, the new owner's happy. Everybody wins.

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