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hellothereyo 09-22-12 08:46 AM

1999 Bianchi Bicycle - is it truly worth $500?!
Hello everyone,

I am thinking of getting a used road bike, but I'm still wondering if this Bianchi bike is worth the price of $500. Any opinions would help me very much. Thanks in advance(:

Bianchigirll 09-22-12 09:14 AM

I will say yes. It looks clean and well kept if it is ready to ride go for it. Around here it is later in the seasona nd I would try and go for closer to $400 but OC is a pretty hot market. If you don't don't like it for some reason I am sure you could easily resell it for that.

IthaDan 09-22-12 09:22 AM

Carbon fork, 9speed STI- yup. Ignore the bianchi branding and it's still worth it. It's near the top of the market, but yes, that's a reasonable price.

Going to echo BG, at $400 it'd be a 'deal' but at $500, it's certainly a solid option, especially if it's your size and will get you riding today instead of idly waiting another month or more to find the perfect deal on craigslist.

T-Mar 09-22-12 10:33 AM

+1. Given the market, it's not unreasonable.

hellothereyo 09-22-12 08:00 PM

Does anyone know where the '99 Giro was made in (country of manufacture)?

Bianchigirll 09-23-12 06:21 AM

The catalog does not say. I think these were made in Italy but I do not know for sure.

T-Mar 09-23-12 09:06 AM

Unfortunately, I have no Giro from this era in the database. If you go to look at the bicycle, there may be a country of origin label. Alternately, I may be able to determine the country, and possibly the manufacturer, from the serial number.

wrk101 09-23-12 09:17 AM

The market has spoken. This bike has been for sale for OVER ONE MONTH in a very active market. So no, it is not worth it, or someone would have bought it by now.

+1 To below, given components, sure appears to be Asian.

anixi 09-23-12 12:30 PM

Meh, it's not lugged, it may have been made overseas, it's overpriced. If I were you, I'd check it out personally, see if it could possibly fit you, either as-is, or with a stem change. If it fits you as-is, I'd pay more, if not, bargain accordingly. bikepedia doesn't say where it was made, but, with the Shimano gear, it's certainly drastically different than previous year models. Other years were lugged frame and had Campagnolo components, definitely more collectible!

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