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lennySS 09-25-12 06:55 AM

Can someone please help me determine the value of a 1984 Mongoose Mountain Bike?
I have a Vintage 1984 Mountain Bike. It is a 28" BMX Products Inc., All Terrain MTB-100 Mongoose, 15 speed; an original Mountain Bike! I checked the BMX web-site to find out the meaning of the serial number (M4-H0655) and found it was built in Taiwan in August of 1984; # 0655. That was the last year it was built. Other than dust, it is in excellent condition; all original except for the shifter on the back wheel. I have no idea of the value of this bike.

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Juha 09-25-12 08:14 AM

It's not a typical vintage bike, but I'm moving this to C&V Appraisals anyway. Maybe someone there can give you an estimate.

treebound 09-25-12 11:18 AM

The reality of it (from my local viewpoint anyway) is that even though there is some interest in earlier BMX Mongoose branded bikes, that today the Mongoose brandname is more associated with Wal/K-Mart bikes and thus the value is lowered. Couple that with MTB's in general being valued lower and things don't look good. Recognized high quality brand name MTB's can fetch good money, but most are a hard sell, and any that I've managed to sell have been sort of converted into a commuter bike hybrid format before they had any interest shown in them (and even then it was a hard sell). Even a pristine Gary Fisher Marlin went cheap and it was in nearly showroom condition.

If you are thinking of selling it, good luck. But if you are thinking of fixing it up to ride then go for it and forget about what it might be worth to someone else. The last few MTB's I had were tuned up to ridable condition then donated to a local thrift shop.

wrk101 09-25-12 02:42 PM

+1 Mongoose killed their brand by hooking up with Walmart. That's great for buyers, as older Mongoose bikes were pretty nice, but lousy for sellers.

FastJake 09-25-12 04:18 PM

If it's full chrome those are pretty cool. You might get $100-150 for it if it's in good shape. Painted one, a little less. And +2 that the Mongoose name is now ruined.

Post some pictures and we can give you a better idea of value.

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