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chicken0207 10-19-12 12:46 PM

Schwinn sprint running gear,Suntour allego , Shimano 5speed cassette and rim
I have all the running gear i removed form my schwinn sprint when i swapped it to fixed gear and im wondring its value. It has a Suntour allegro rear derailleur and a suntour front one , as well as suntour steam shifters.The rear wheel is a heavy chrome 32 spoke i believe and it has Shimano cassettes and freewheel,there is a small amount of rust on the inner edge of the rim but its still chrome and still shines .I also have a chang star rear break that was on the bike and one of the drop bar brake laver with no info on it.



Bianchigirll 10-19-12 04:38 PM

Your better off keeping all the parts for when you get tired of riding a Fixie. Personally while only a front brake is really cool and gives you lots of street cred but two brakes is much safer.

oddjob2 10-19-12 04:50 PM

The wheel, derailleur, and shifters won't bring you enough to buy a tank of gas, unless it is a very small car!

wrk101 10-19-12 08:35 PM

Donate to your favorite co-op.

zukahn1 10-19-12 10:09 PM

I would also say just keep the stuff it doeasn't have much or any resale value maybe $20-30 for the shift group sold in pieces on ebay. As for the wheel and freewheel not much of anything. This stuff will be worth more to you if decide to change the bike back to geared for keeps or resale. While cool as said above at least half of the friends have I converted bikes for wanted to change back to geared 5 or 10 speed and or double brakes at some point. If you sell the parts for the cheap price you could get for them you can't get them and it will cost you a lot more in the future if you want to change stuff on the bike.

chicken0207 10-19-12 11:49 PM

Ill probably just donate it to the bike co-op, i will never make this bike back into a 10 speed ,it is a lower end schwinn road bike bought specifically for a fix gear and i dont have enough money invested in it to ever need to worry about converting it back, if it was something nice like a high end puegot,trek, specialize, or cannondale that would be a different story.

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