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TweedleDee 01-25-13 10:54 PM

1980's Nishiki Riviera GT
Okay, here's another sport touring bike I'd like to get your opinion on. A 1985 or 1986 Nishiki Riviera GT. The owner is asking $350 which seems a tad high to me but I don't know much about these and it looks pretty nice. I'm really surprised it's only a 5 speed rear cassette. It has the funky 3 gear rear derailleur.

TweedleDee 01-25-13 11:55 PM

I should mention again that I live in a hot market in the NW.

bargainguy 01-26-13 01:16 AM

Hmmm. A few thoughts.

The LePree triple pulley rear derailleur is interesting but I'm not sure it's any better functionally than a traditional double pulley.

The 5-speed cluster is more likely a freewheel than a cassette. I don't have the specs for the original Nishiki, but by the mid-80's, 6-speed clusters were quite common.

27" tires perhaps? Look like CST (Cheng Shin). Limits your choices compared to 700c tires if so.

I believe this has Tange #2 tubing but not entirely sure.

SunTour Power Ratchet DT shifters?

Cantis, front eyelets & rear rack braze-ons are nice.

In a hot market, $350 is not that unreasonable. More than the original '86 price of around $250-275, but not unheard of in today's market.

randyjawa 01-26-13 04:25 AM

$350 sounds good to me, if I were buying to keep the bike for myself.

wrk101 01-26-13 07:38 AM

$350 is about right in a regular market for a 1980s Japanese built touring bike, in good condition. In a hot market, it should bring more. Funky three pulley RD is a collectors item.

During riding season, my standard price for mid grade 1980s touring bikes, in nice condition and ready to ride, is $400. I've sold a lot of them at that price.

5 speed freewheel is not uncommon in that era for touring bikes. Plenty of choices for 27 inch tires still, 27 inch wheels were the norm for touring bikes back then as well.

Touring bikes go for more than road bikes, so if you just want a road bike, you can find something for less.

You think the price is high for what reasons?

Bianchigirll 01-26-13 08:14 AM

Nice looking Touring (not sport touring, those generally have more road bike like features/geomentry and triple)

Is that the only pic in the CL post? is there any other infor? Normally most memebers here don't swoop in and just buy a bike some one asks about. It might be helpful if you stop being coy about where you liveand post a link to the CL post. Sometimes we can see something in a pic others might miss.

I do agree it looks clean and ready to ride so $300ish may not be a bad deal.

Bargainguy; the shifter are not power ratchet. The actual name excapes me right now but they are riction but as you shift in the back the front derailleur is automatically trimmedby an internal cam or something.

TweedleDee 01-26-13 11:35 AM

This is not a craigslist ad. It's a response to my WTB craigslist ad. He sent me several pictures with no description. I asked for more info but I don't think he knows anything about it. Probably flipping it. What you can't see in that picture and I didn't mention is that much of the hardware has a bit of rust on it like it's been sitting undercover but outside for a bit. Not the end of the world probably but a little concerning.

I'm looking for a sport touring bike and made the assumption this was sport touring geometry rather than longer full-on touring. I'm not afraid to say I'm live in Portland just didn't think it was that relevant.

FastJake 01-26-13 01:25 PM

In your market, I would go for it at $350. I doubt you will find anything nicer for less unless you really hunt or get a bargain somehow.

Canti brakes on this bike would be a huge positive for me. I'd probably throw the 3-pulley RD on ebay and put something else on.

Originally Posted by TweedleDee (Post 15201062)
I'm looking for a sport touring bike and made the assumption this was sport touring geometry rather than longer full-on touring.

I would agree with this. It looks more sport touring to me. The chainstays don't look super long and the frame angles look more road than full on touring to me.

polymorphself 06-28-20 04:43 PM

That's an insane trash pile find.

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