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whatdoihavehere 03-08-13 02:40 PM

Came up on this vintage Miyata - What do I do with it?
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A few months ago my mom's friend was cleaning out her storage unit and gave me a bike. I've been told it's a Koga Miyata 1974 Women's Touring Bike. But I'm having a lot of difficulty researching this particular model.

It seems to have all original parts except the handlebars, which are Raleigh. It's in excellent condition, considering how old it is.

The front metal decal reads "Miyata Made in Japan" Serial number C262986.

The frame is far too heavy for me. I'm moving to a big city and will need to get it on and off public transit regularly. And while I just love this bike, I should get something lighter. I'm looking to sell it, and was wondering how much something like this is worth. Or what it is, exactly.

I'm taking it down to a bike shop, but rather then run around to a bunch of them I really want to get a second internet opinion before I go. The bike in question is the green one in front.

Chris_in_Miami 03-08-13 02:59 PM

Looks like a low end model, you might be able to get $100 for it if you're in a strong market. The brake levers are not original either, but that won't matter much.

Ferrous Bueller 03-08-13 04:38 PM

^Agreed. It's not going to appeal to aficionados, but you might get a decent amount from someone who likes the look.
Too bad somebody put that mountain bike handlebar on it. If the original (probably chrome) bars are kicking around that storage unit, they'd dress the bike up quite a bit.

wrk101 03-08-13 07:57 PM

Bike shops here would give nothing for it (they don't give very much for better bikes). Hopefully you are in a better market! Very basic bike.

Myself, I might throw it up on C/L instead for $100. Its an interesting looking bike, someone might want it.

FastJake 03-08-13 08:51 PM

If you just want to get rid of it, I would throw it up at $75 instead of $100. You might get $100 if you are patient, as someone might want it, but it's not like the bike is worth a whole lot more than that.

oddjob2 03-08-13 09:32 PM

The rear baskets look like a Wald set, which are very heavy. I would sell the baskets seperately. If you're in a major urban area or near a major university that vintage Miyata will sell quickly at $100 or less. As someone pointed in your other post, it lacks Kogo on the downtube graphics, so it can't be a part Dutch bike.

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