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wittybike 03-12-13 01:11 PM

bo cross bocross vivi italian info and value wanted please
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Hello, I have a Bo cross and wondered if anyone has any info on it? Age, rarity or anything you know really. Think it's italian or finnish
This is the bike (though that is not actually mine)
Thanks in advance

wittybike 03-12-13 04:54 PM

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randyjawa 03-12-13 04:58 PM

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I have found, over the years, that most small wheeled bikes, like yours, have little value, even when they are in very good condition. Your bike is not in good condition and, though I do not mean to offend, it is worth very little. For example, I managed to get only $10.00 for this vintage BSA and it was in very nice shape...

These days, I donate any small wheelers to a local bicycle salvage and share organization - Bicycles for Humanity.

wittybike 03-12-13 05:25 PM

ahh ok thanks for the info! guess the people trying to sell these for 500 euro are insane :lol:

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