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67tony 03-14-13 12:12 PM

Sorry, no pics, but there is a 1982 Motobecane Grand Touring near me for sale...and I'm wondering what would be a fair price.

Sachs Huret derailleurs & DT shifters, Selle Italia saddle, all original, 21", very lightly used.


oddjob2 03-14-13 12:47 PM

Motobecane prices are all over the map, probably more so than almost any other bike boom road bike I deal with. Condition of paint is again the first priority for me, I can deal with everything else. Gran Touring models are scarce, but they are a mid-line model at best.

Also, a mixte is worth an EZ $25-$40 more than a diamond frame.

big chainring 03-14-13 12:53 PM

Thats a nice bike. In good condition I would think $200 at most. If it has condition problems start deducting from that price point.

zukahn1 03-14-13 02:55 PM

+1 about $200 max for a Grand Touring from the early 80's these despite the label where not better touring bikes just very nice mid level at best sports models. Typical condition and CL selling enviroment I would say only $120-150.

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