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Mitchmalibu 04-16-13 11:09 AM

1988 Specialized Stumpjumper Comp Value
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My dad just gave me his old 1988 Specialized Stumpjumper Comp. Its a Large frame and still has most of the original parts inculuding the Shimano Deore XT components. The paint is moderately scratched up but it rides great and is good condition. Anybody know what its worth? There is only one other exact model that i have seen on ebay and its XL in better condition for $2995. Thanks for the help.

Bianchigirll 04-16-13 11:23 AM

Hello Welcome to the forums. Who is selling the one for 3K? BBC up in Wisconsin forget it most of his stuff is way over priced. Any better/bigger pics? Unless you can find someone dying for this exact model and color super clean and ready to ride $150 is more realistic.

oddjob2 04-16-13 11:35 AM

If I used BBC pricing to value my bike collection, I would be a millionaire, at least on paper.

blilrat 04-16-13 11:39 AM

If you're using Ebay for prices, look at the sold for prices, not the asking price. There is usually a huge difference between the two.

I would think you could get $200 for it as long as it doesn't need any work. This wasn't the top Specialized bike that year, but having all XT components adds some value.

FastJake 04-16-13 04:50 PM

+1 The $3000 one you saw on ebay is obviously from a delusional seller, probably Budget Bicycle Center here in Madison...

The old XT is good stuff and pulls in good money. I would say $200 for the whole bike.

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