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Nifty62 05-03-13 08:20 AM

Need help with brothers bike. :)
Hey all,

My younger brother is looking to buy a bike and we are just looking for some information on if they are good or not.

I'm posting the one that he's looking at now, but if that one falls through I'll update with whatever one he's deciding on at the time.

This is the current one he is looking at:

80 Fuji Gran Tourer SE

Thanks guys, I appreciate it!

PatTheSlat 05-03-13 08:51 AM

Go for it as long as you or he is willing to do a bit of work (needs a front tire/tube, obviously, and if it needs that it probably needs other stuff too). It's not a high-end model, looks like it may have steel rims, but the price is solid. The bar-end shifters alone (a non-original upgrade) are worth $35-40.

Just make sure it fits him well. From the picture I'm guessing it's about a 53cm frame, which will generally fit people roughly 5'4-5'8.

oddjob2 05-03-13 09:02 AM

A good deal, probably can haggle $10-$15 off asking price. Probably $50-$60 investment for tires, tubes, new cables/housing, brake pads, and Mother's Aluminum polish. for what you need.

Jump on it before WRK101 decides he has to drive up from North Carolina for it! :)

CenturionIM 05-03-13 09:09 AM

Originally Posted by oddjob2 (Post 15583473)
Jump on it before WRK101 decides he has to drive up from North Carolina for it! :)


Nifty62 05-06-13 07:22 PM

lol you can stop driving, he got it.

And the guy also had a really nice Schwinn World Sport that we got for my father. :)

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