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CF188 05-26-13 11:35 AM

My 1976 Champion
My 76 Champion

I am a " newbie " to this site and I'm
Hoping to find more info on my
1976 Champion ( Schwerma model
I believe ) and wondered if anyone
Here could direct me to more history
or even an appraisal value. I have owned
This bike since 1978 and spared no expense
when I built my bike.
Features include:
Red Line forks
Tange MX3 headset
Sugino Pro Neck
GT Pro bars
Oakley F1 grips
Zeronine plate
Araya 7x show chrome wheels
1'st gen. Philwood hubs
Hadley sealed bottom bracket
Red Line 401 flight cranks:
170mm pinch less
Philwood star & tuff neck chain ring
Reedy sealed bearing petals
And Dia-Comp MX 1000 brakes
With Mathouser pads
Tange seat clamp
Race Inc cro-mo seat post
and Shotgun seat

Any info would be greatly appreciated
Will post pics soon

combover 05-28-13 01:09 PM

A LOT !! What Serial # do you have ?

CF188 05-28-13 01:41 PM

Serial # CF188

combover 05-28-13 01:48 PM

So you bought it at hank and Franks ?

CF188 05-28-13 02:21 PM

This bike was originally purchased at
Hank & Frank bicycles, Oakland I believe

Bianchigirll 05-28-13 02:33 PM

This is a BNX bike?

CF188 05-28-13 06:16 PM

Thank you very much. I appreciate
your help. With all the top notch goodies
do I dare ask more,or is this just being
greedy or unrealistic?? Ron

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