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gliam01 06-17-13 12:12 PM

Worth the price for Boston Area? New to cycling...
Hi All,

I haven't ridden bicycles since I was a kid and have recently developed a new interest it. I don't own a bike (yet) and decided I'd prefer to go used for my first one. I'm liking the vintage bikes, but really don't want to be gauged on it. I've seen them range from 100-200 around here on craigslist, but I've taken a fondness to this one. I contacted the seller and the additional info. he provided is posted below. Any thoughts? Advice would be much appreciated.


This bike is a model DL-22. It's all original, including the grips. There should not be anything you need to do to it until you've been riding it for some time, as it's had very little use overall. I've replaced the tire tubes and the brake pads, and added the kick stand. Originally I think there was a pump but it's long gone. There is the original saddle bag, and it's in surprisingly good shape considering the age, usually these do not fare so well.

ScottRyder 06-17-13 12:53 PM

I'm north of Boston in a college town. Lot's of demand for that style of bike but most of the time kids want something cheaper and not so nice. That condition, that saddle and saddle bag, the price doesn't sound too far off. I sold a men's version for $150 and it was no where near as pretty as that. Good luck, welcome to the forums.


T-Mar 06-17-13 01:38 PM

I imagine theyll get the $200, if they're prepared to wait for the return of the school kids in the autumn.

oddjob2 06-17-13 02:28 PM

The Brooks saddle alone is worth 60-$75, so jump on it. Price is very fair for condition.

zukahn1 06-17-13 02:53 PM

The price is fair considering the condition and completeness of the bike. Typically in larger markets you see these selling for around $150 give or take for examples that are not in nearly as nice condition and are missing stuff.

cb400bill 06-17-13 02:53 PM

Fair market price on a nice looking 3 speed.

gliam01 06-17-13 03:47 PM

Thanks for the feedback. I thought it looked nice for the price, compared to everything else I was seeing out there. I'm going to check it out tomorrow evening. Hopefully it's a good fit for me.

bikemig 06-17-13 03:52 PM

Not only is the price fair for the condition of the bike and the market, it comes with a totally cool Huret speedometer. That's at the top end for that bike but worth it if it fits and rides well. Get a good lock for it if you plan on locking it up in the metro Boston area.

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