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cruz25r 06-21-13 06:11 PM

Finally got my Bianchi, opinions?..
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Well guys I spent $250 on this bike, do you think it was a decent deal? It has campagnolo parts and a sticker that says Piaggio..
Any ideas on the model and year? thank you

jon c. 06-21-13 06:26 PM

I can't help you on the ID, but it sure looks nice.

If it's in good working condition and fits you, that's not a bad price for any Celeste Bianchi in most markets.

Bianchigirll 06-21-13 06:36 PM

Congrats! I think around an '83ish what brand/model are the brakes? I suspect it is something like a Nuovo Racing a gresat solid middle of the road bike.

zukahn1 06-21-13 08:38 PM

For a early 80's Bianchi in good condition with Campy components $250 is a good price if everything works and is in order and the wheelset is decent. It would be a great price if the bike wasn't in need of a full cleanup and servicing likely bearings, cables, chain, bartape. Pretty basic stuff nearly every vintage bike I come across needs this stuff. I have seen realy clean serviced examples of these sell for about twicw what you paid.

cruz25r 06-22-13 11:48 PM

Well the brakes just say Universal

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