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vintage87 07-03-13 04:31 PM

I'm sorry... 1980 Raleight Comp GS Value

bikemig 07-03-13 04:40 PM

Nice bike. I like buying vintage bikes from the original owner as there is less of a likelihood that the bike has been abused. This bike appears to be in very good shape for its age (watch out for that seatpost and make sure it's not stuck though). Plus the bike has mainly campy parts which is a plus; the gum rubber hoods are toast but that's not unusual on an old bike and I have no idea how hard it is to find chainrings for that 3 arm campy crank. But yeah if the bike was my size and I needed a bike, the price seems reasonable. Others here now more about bike valuation than I do but that bike is very pretty and in great shape for its age.

vintage87 07-03-13 04:44 PM

It wont fit me even remotely so it would be a flip in Portland. The Portland market is a lot stronger then Phoenix so I figured it may be a good snag. That and I guess these are pretty rare but from what I can tell, this was built on the Pac. Rim and not England...experts chime in!

Bikedued 07-03-13 07:26 PM

Originally Posted by vintage87 (Post 15812263)
experts chime in!


bikemig 07-03-13 07:28 PM

The bike says Nottingham England if you look at the seat tube; also it's too old to have been built on the Pacific Rim. Plus it has campy bits and pieces (and Weinman brakes) plus a Reynolds 531 frame which are typical of a made in the UK bike. I doubt the difference in the 2 markets is enough for arbitrage given the various costs involved in a transaction (the bike will need some work plus transportation) but you may feel differently about the value of your time.

bikemig 07-03-13 07:30 PM

Originally Posted by Bikedued (Post 15812748)

I like it, :thumb:

SteveSGP 07-03-13 07:58 PM

It appears to be completely original and in very good shape, easily worth $280 in any market.

You'll get differing values but I've seen them go from $200 to $600 on E-bay, I paid $300 for mine and felt that I got a fantastic deal on it. It's just a matter of finding the right buyer.

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