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bgblue1978 07-09-13 01:57 PM

bertoni w/ dura ace

price seems high to me but i'm wondering what you guys think would be a fair offer? seller said it's his dad's bike and doesnt know much. 9sp sti is an updated group yea?? this would definitely be an n+1 for me so i can only justify getting it if I can get a good deal.

Bianchigirll 07-09-13 02:24 PM

I think 9spd might post date the frame by a few years so that would be an update/grade. Bertonis were nice bikes but never got a lot of love back then (like a Torelli). I think $500-600 might be a better price.

It looks big for a 54 to me and judging from the seatpost it might be small for the current rider.

bgblue1978 07-10-13 11:59 AM

Can anyone elae weigh in on this?

Giacomo 1 07-10-13 12:59 PM

Well, Bertoni is not one of the more popular Italian brands. That doesn't make it bad in anyway, but it will probably not justify it's high price tag. The SLX frame is top-of-the-line though and should give you a very good ride. Can't tell to much about paint and decal condition from that pic, although it looks pretty clean.

Will need tires for sure. Look's more like a 55cm, than a 54.

Agree with BG above, $500-600...

Ex Pres 07-10-13 01:02 PM

For $800 I'd want a tire, or maybe 2 new ones, and a better looking seatpost and stem.

I've not seen a Bertoni with that paint scheme and internal TT cable routing before. A repaint w/mods possibly? It could just be a later year production than what I've seen, however.

Edit: I looked at my '87 catalog and the Italoro was lugged steel & had the internal TT routing. None of the other steel bikes did, though. I wonder why just this model?

Bianchigirll 07-10-13 04:51 PM

I think this is a early '90s like I think '92ish. I went to a Univega dealer show at their distribution warehouse in Mass back then. (they didn't go to interbike that year) they had some really nice higher end Bertoni bikes/frames on display. I was really smitten by a MAX frame with a fancy paint scheme worthy of Tommasini.

Rumor has it that Bertonis were made by Bianchi but wheter all were and just some no one seems to know. Di you contact the seller? any wiggle room?

The '87 catalog shows only the Ultra Leggera bike, Vitus frame and 600EX, as having internal so that is a Vitus thing on this model.

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