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Marezz 09-20-13 10:07 PM

Allegro, Reynolds 531
Cheers, was wondering if you kind folks could give me some info on this bike? Year, value, lower end/higher end? Reynolds 531 frame, size 56cm, Shimano 600 Arabesque group, Ambrosio wheels, Vittoria Victory(?) tubulars and San Marco seat. Seller asks 473USD which is too much, I think that bike is restored.

My apologies, I forgot to link more pictures. Here they are:

FastJake 09-20-13 10:13 PM

600 Arabesque might not be that valuable but does have a following, particularly for its looks.

531 Allegro frame = higher end, nice frame.

It looks really clean and depending on your market I don't think the price is too outrageous. If you think it's been restored, check to see if it's been repainted. If so, you need to figure out if you can verify that it's actually Reynolds 531 and that it's an Allegro. Some more pictures would help.

Lenton58 09-21-13 06:06 AM

I really don't like to follow an OP's link to pics and find NOTHING there ... when he/she is asking for help and advice. Excuse me — rant over!

Frame: Dunno about the chain-stays, but the forks and frame are are at least badged as Reynolds 531. The headbadge appears as the genuine Allegro head-badge. If this bike is not a forgery (doubtful) I'd say it was a very nice frame and worthy of serious consideration — IF it is your size! If it is reasonably straight and true.

Components: Whatever is badged, engraved, pantographed as Shimano and exhibits the characteristic Arabesque features ... what's to say? You want more? Vintage Dura Ace? Campy Nuovo Record? Well, for my taste, I'll take the Arabesque. Elegant, reliable, solid design, nicely manufactured — wish I had whole groups of the stuff. As a guess — looking at the blurry, single pic — the quill stem looks like SR to me. And the seat post ... dunno. The hubs look early Shimano 600. Are they really Arabesque? Not much difference anyway.

My bit of research reveals that Swiss Allegro frames go back before WWII. They gained recognition in European racing. They were sold by very few outlets in the USA. As the market was being squeezed by the MTB fad, some Allegros were sold as 'frame-only'. Lots of different stuff could have been built onto them. More research might reveal some detail as to date of manufacture and more. But what the hell? — just swallow and buy the thing. Do you think you can do better? Try getting just a decent frame and then discover what it costs to build it up. Of course, the hubs could be shot; the rims worn through; the pedals grinding on bad cones; the RD flopping with a slack spring; the frame misaligned; the headset scoured and the tubing a pile of rust inside. But if everything is cool, go for it. I would!

Offer a low ball and see where it goes. At $400 I'd buy myself an 18 year old bottle of single malt scotch and celebrate!

I'm not in the North American market, so I cannot give you an 'exact' figure.

Marezz 09-21-13 06:25 AM

Hehe, I also like Shimano 600 Arabesque looks :) You should be able to see the other photos, I just checked with another browser that's not logged in to google and they load fine.

oddjob2 09-21-13 06:54 AM

Probably early 1980's given the Shimano 600 components. If you look 531 frames from Europe's mass producers of that era, like Puch/AD, Peugeout PX10, Raleigh Comp/Int, and Motobecane GR, clean examples sell between $250-$750, and more in rare cases. So maybe the Allegro is worth as Lenton58 has said, $350-$400?

Marezz 09-21-13 09:38 AM

Looks like it was repainted, because I saw before and after pictures of some other bike he is selling. Some 1978 Coppi, he cleaned it, repainted and added Reynolds and Coppi stickers. He did quite a good job tho. By the way, can you guys see the pictures from that link I put in the first post?

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