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67tony 10-05-13 07:56 PM

Two Raleighs...
...the one in the back is a Technium.
Any ideas on the one in front?

Either of 'em worth $100?

oddjob2 10-05-13 08:15 PM

Top tube on the brown Record or GP looks very rusty, pass.

I could be wrong, because I don't see suicide or turkey levers, but the teal Technium looks like a 450, per No margin at $100 + new consumables. Here is a clean one for $150.

I acquired a 440 for $10 in June off the scrap truck.

zukahn1 10-05-13 09:23 PM

I would say the GP or Record in front should be worth it looks like the crank and wheels have been upgraded if it has strait alloy's and the crank works good $100 is fair would be a bit more if we could confirm details and that everything works and get some details. As for the Technim in back it would be a crap shoot maybe $50 maybe $150-200 just no telling with the lack of good pics info. If it helps I sold this GP in great rebuilt condition with nice vintage Araya 700c's, Raliegh branded Vx components fully refurbished all bearings cables and housing bar wrap new chain for $200 and had a hard time selling it.

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