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Fahrenheit531 10-05-13 11:11 PM

Centurion ... Super LeMans?
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This bike's on my local CL as a "Centurion Sport." I've spent the last half-hour poking around because the chrome forks/dropouts didn't seem to match up with anything entry-level (because "sport"), and the font didn't match up with a damn thing until ... Am I looking at a 1978ish Super LeMans here? [[Edit: Oh yeah, I forgot the "what's it worth?" part. Am I ahead of the game if I pick it up for $75 or 80, or notsomuch?]]

P.S. Generally speaking, is this bike superior to an early 80s Univega Nuovo Sport?

oddjob2 10-06-13 01:23 AM

Below is a Super Lemans, no chrome socks, probably older than the one you are considering. Is that a Brooks saddle, barcon shifters, Suntour Vx on your prospective bike? A Sport DLX would not have chrome sox and barcons. On my SL, I believe frameset is hi tensile, pretty heavy. I bought one in August with bad paint and neglect for the barcons and rims as a donor.

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