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MarcusF 11-12-13 02:57 PM

Bianchi Identification serial number help!
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Found this rusted up 6 months ago and had it re powder coated. The only thing I could identify was the Bianchi engraving on the dropouts which led me to believe it was bianchi. It had no decals and was faded black so it seemed when I received it, no original parts except the Fork and headset. Here are some pictures and the serial number if anyone knows anything about bianchi serial numbers that would be great. I felt like it was mid to late 70's or early 80's possibly

If you need more pics let me know

Serial number reads: LS787763

Bianchigirll 11-12-13 06:18 PM

re powder coated? Any other pics? Any other embellishments? What size is the BB? Where any components on it or just the frame/fork? There is a member here that may be able to narrow it down to a year and possibly weather it is Italian or Orient manufactured.

MarcusF 11-13-13 10:38 AM

1 Attachment(s) This is a picture of the whole bike. The only thing that came with the frame and fork was the headset which is a "Japan Tange Industries, Levin" on it. The bottom bracket width is 68mm if that helps.

Bianchigirll 11-13-13 12:59 PM

Assuming the fork to be original to the frame it would be a Japanese model from the '88ish onward.

Do you know the threading on the BB shell?

MarcusF 11-14-13 04:55 PM

I think its just common threading where the left side is reverse threaded.

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