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3alarmer 01-19-14 10:35 PM

1989 Trek 5000
...someone gave our bike co-op a pretty much unridden '89 Trek 5000.

Still has the original owner's manual, catalogue, Dura-Ace group....the whole shebang.
It looks like this:

...and in fact, still has the original 32 spoke wheel set on Dura-Ace hubs.

I know from researching it here that it was kinda historic as trek's first monocoque bike,
was only offered in that one year, etc, etc......buyt I have no idea of what a fair asking
price might be for it ?

I'm heroically resisting buying it myself and just stripping off the wheels and groupset
to put on something along the lines of a steel frame that is more appealing to me. Not
my size, and it probably ought to go intact to someone who really wants and loves it.

Anyway, does anybody have a clue ? We're in Sacramento, so it ought to get the NorCal
price bump, but we're a co-op, so we generally price stuff pretty aggressively in order to
keep it moving and hopefully with appreciative owners.

bargainguy 01-20-14 06:37 AM

Sac bike kitchen? That was a nice donation!

Does $700-800 sound about right? Early Trek monocoque was a solid ride if not particularly light for today's standards. Like the 8-sp D/A + Flite saddle.

alexihnen 09-28-19 10:52 PM

Anyone have an opinion on the same bike today? I may be able to pick one up for what I consider not too much.

bargainguy 09-29-19 09:36 AM

Ah, those were the days.

Instead of $700-800 five years ago, more like $500-600 today. D/A group helps bring up the price. Same frame with a lesser group would be under $500.

alexihnen 09-29-19 11:42 AM

Yeah - itís more of a museum piece at this point. Itís a good price, but wasnít on my target list. Trying to stay focused! :)

Retrogrouch731 09-29-19 06:41 PM

These are rare and there is a limited collector's market for them. They weren't nearly as good as the 5200/5500's and it wouldn't be a great rider. $700-800 and it might take a long time to find a buyer. The majority of the value is in the Dura Ace groupset.

zukahn1 09-29-19 07:46 PM

Current market 80-90's DT shifter bikes are not doing great prices even top end nicer stuff like this one are only going for $500-600 in great condition.

alexihnen 09-29-19 08:04 PM

Looks like it sold at $500. I would have liked to have it, but admitting I wouldn't have ridden it...not so sad to see it go.

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