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Big1hasspoke 01-20-14 03:53 PM

About a '91 vintage Paramount Series 30 PDG in candy red....upgrade or sell?
After a couple of same spot knee sugeries over the past three years, I'm just now getting the nerve to get back in the saddle. I just have 1/3 of the minuscus on my left inner side. But, I'm 51 now, in dire need of some pedal action. Not sure in cm, 38? but it's about a 15" bike, in pretty good condition for the age. It was just before nice suspension came, and cantilevers went away, : ( but I've never had an issue stopping when I wanted to either.

It was based on the Deore LX group, IIRC. Rigid, of course. If I keep it, I need to look at updating the front teeth and deraileur, and if not for me, my new 4' 11" wife would be able to ride it. She hasn't really rode since she was a kid, so wouldn't know what she was on. Better than something from walmart! I have a road bike, an equally old Shimano 105 (Bio-pace, yeah, I know )Schwinn that I can ride for now. Just am not able to fork out $2-3K each for dream bikes right now. At my age suspension is looking better and better.

The grips, tires, and seat are the only things I've replaced over the years. Since it's not Waterford, as solid as it is, I wasn't sure of any collectability on it. I paid $600 for it new on a year end closeout sale. For me, that was a lot of money for a bike when I was about 27 or so. The front deraileur must have taken a sideways blow from something while it was in storage.

Taking my word on condition, no rust, paint in probably 75-80%, with only the front deraileur needing replaced, sell or keep for me or the wife? What could be the highest it could be worth, and as a rigid, is it really worth upgrading at all? I can't upgrade to suspension fork, these had 1" tubes on them, not to mention geometry issues. ( I looked into that years ago...) Last question, what would be the precise model bottom pull Shimano part # to work with this 21 speed relic just to make it ridable? Or if it were yours, what other original parts would you upgrade as a keeper? Any help is appreciated in advance. thanks for your input

oddjob2 01-20-14 05:31 PM

Upload photos to a 3rd party site and then post links via 3rd icon from the right, next to the video icon. Besides model, condition of frame paint and location can affect value by 100% or more.

I have bought a pristine Series 40 for $100 and a cosmetically challenged Series 20 in small frame size for $25, asking prices in both cases.

A small Series 50 sold on ebay in November for $139 + shipping.

BTW used rigid MTBs in steel are more sought after than suspension bikes. As far as FD, find a used Shimano XT Deore on ebay.

If you want your wife to like it, find some narrow road slicks like 26 X 1.5 and new tubes, it will ride just like a road bike, only a bit heavier, but plusher too. Below aren't the lightest tires, but at $11 each, who's complaining?

Scooper 01-20-14 06:37 PM

The 1991 Series 30 came in 16", 18", 19", and 20" frame sizes.

FastJake 01-20-14 08:40 PM

+1 Suspension is pointless unless you're doing actual mountain biking offroad. Otherwise just use adequately wide tires at an appropriate pressure. They'll provide all the suspension you need without the extra weight, maintenance, and inherent inefficiency of a suspension fork.

If you can use the bike, for yourself or for your wife, keep it. You have a good solid bike but unfortunately you will never get anywhere near your money back on it. I would not try to "upgrade" it. Just do the necessary maintenance, get some slick tires, and enjoy.

goldfinch 01-20-14 08:55 PM

Your wife is 4'11"? I am too. A fifteen or sixteen inch frame is pushing too big. I have a rigid mountain bike that has a 13" frame. I have ridden a mountain bike with a 14.5 inch frame, but a short reach. That was as big as I would want to get. I have had a couple of used rigid mountain bikes; I can usually find them for between $75 and $150 in decent condition. I currently am riding a 1980s Gary Fisher and really like the bike.

Big1hasspoke 01-22-14 05:12 PM

Thanks all, it may very well be a 16" then. For almost a quarter of a century, it is still a really good bike! They told me when I got it, "If the frame ever cracks, they would replace the whole bike." I currently have a 2.2 back and 1.5 front Velociraptors on it. I want to keep it for moderate trails. During my last marraige of ten years, I couldn't get my spouse to touch cycling. With young kids, I only really got to ride if I hooked them up in a trailer and took them out for a while. I still have most of a trail-gator attached to my Schwinn Tempo road bike.... My wife now is wanting to get back into bikes soon, as do I, for a family health habit we can all enjoy. I think I will just keep it, fix the FD, and enjoy that solid frame. I just gotta stay away from the extreme stuff, as I found out about 4 years ago..... I'm not 25 anymore. If I can get her passionate about it, we may have some quality bikes by next year!

oddjob2 01-22-14 05:24 PM

You already have a pair of quality bikes, the Tempo is well regarded here as are PDG mtbs.

phoebeisis 01-22-14 05:46 PM

It is a good older bike
Butted Cromo tubes-decent components-
Older Cromo MTBs have appreciated lately-
It has the cool speckle splatter paint?? Love that paint- DATED- but in a weird cool way
Keep it-you would have to pay $600 to get a new bike with a DB CROMO frame and decent shimano components-
it wouldn't be "better" in any way you could measure-
so keep it-ride it
4'11" wife-tough to find a bike that would fit her
Too bad you aren't near NOLA-
I have a TINY TINY Reynolds 853 Jamis Dragon frame-11.5" C to C- that would probably fit her.
It was the only bike I have EVERY HAD that was too small for me- 5'4"-much too small.

Oh-just put any long cage 7-8-9 speed normal rise derailleur-9 speed derailleurs-usually work just fine with 7 speed chains-or you can put a new 9 speed chain on if you aren't a cheapskate( usually it will fit on the front chainrings just fine-but I am cheap-so)
I wouldn't waste $$ on a new 7 speed derailleur-you might want to upgrade to 27 speed-so get a 9 speed.

Big1hasspoke 03-17-14 05:02 PM

Everyone here has talked me into keeping it. I just dropped it off today to get a new Shimano FD, as well as a new shifter/brake/cable set. Should be about $80ish all said and done. Got a new SDG red/black saddle for it when I got the DEAL on the FD through Jensen, thanks to a member on here. FD was only $10, saddle was on sale for about $55. I can't wait!!

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